Letters to the Editor

Friday, 7 October, 2016
In the latest edition of the Coffee Magazine, my editorial called out to people to let me know where their last really great cup of coffee was from. The response has been heartwarming and overwhelming. I am so thrilled to hear all your stories, below are just two of these letters. Thank you so much for reaching out and please don't stop!

You can send any coffee stories and fantastic experiences to mel@magazine.coffee, I can't wait to hear from you.

"Hi Mel

It's not often I have my socks blown off by a new coffee spot
Today was one of those days

I'm a sales rep who is passionate about coffee, sadly my extensive travel means I'm often challenged to find good coffee and most often let down by what I find. Yet today while visiting a client I stumbled across Royal Cafe and Nursery in Pretoria.

A humble Iranian lad served me his favoured coffee - a single origin Tanzania in a siphon format with a Sour melon after shot as as a palate cleanser.

This peaked my interest immediately and we got chatting, he has after 5yr sCA degree in coffee, moved to SA after noticing an opportunity for speciality coffee here and is just starting out.

When your next in the area check it out and I'm sure it won't disappoint."

"Good day Mel

Reading your editorial in the latest Coffee Magazine, I find myself seriously wanting to answer your question of when last did I have that "smack you in the face" great cup of coffee.

I can honestly say "this evening around 5:20". It was the first of three made by the owner of Steampunk Café in Lions River.

Now it's not that number two and three weren't good, but by two and three the brilliant biryani had soiled my taste buds a bit.

I don't pretend to be a great coffee intellect, but I don't seem to be the only person to think Steampunk makes great coffee. I can't recall a coffee conversation, conducted in the Midlands during the last two years, that hasn't ended in the mutual agreement that Steampunk's coffee is epic.

It might be the atmosphere, the great music or Micheal's obsession to get it right or all of it combined, but something makes coffee from Steampunk memorable."

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