First Look: New Lineage HQ

Friday, 19 February, 2016
FIRST LOOK: Lineage Coffee HQ
Shop 2, Builders Way Centre, 3&5 Builders Way Road, Hillcrest, KZN

Craig Charity, the 2013 SA Barista Champion started Lineage Coffee in 2012 within the very popular Italian eatery Stretta Cafe in Hillcrest. Last year he launched both his micro-roastery alongside the cafe and his first stand alone Lineage in the new Watercrest Mall in Waterfall.

2016 is the young business' biggest year yet. The roastery has moved out of Stretta and into it's own premises on Builder's Way just off Old Main Road in Hillcrest.

Craig unofficially opened the doors on Monday and was overwhelmed by how busy it was. We popped in to find the new Lineage Coffee absolutely humming!

It is a BIG space and we expect many BIG things are going to happen within its walls. He plans to have a training centre and cupping area. He has two beautiful roasters which he refurbed himself, he constructed a chandelier and has pretty much shop-fitted the space with his own two hands (and many other willing helpers). It is a work in progress but the potential is infinite and we are so excited to see how this space blooms.

All the best to you and your team, Craig!

Oh and he would kill me if I didn't mention that there is fibre optic wifi available, he is very proud of the speed of the internet ;)

The Chandelier that Craig constructed with its many beautiful bare bulbs.

Trophies aplenty. Between Cafe Society and the SCASA Competitions, Lineage has won many prestigious awards so far.

The intricate boards that were crafted for his SCASA Nationals set in 2015, celebrating the Burundian bean from Long Miles Coffee Project.

If you think they look incredible, just wait until you have an opportunity to taste one!

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