Corporate giants Nespresso get territorial!

Friday, 29 January, 2016

Too bloody funny! What a stroke of marketing genius from the internationally unknown Israeli Coffee Club. Their spoof of George Clooney's multi-million ad campaign with Nespresso has had over 1 000 000 views and really got them in the headlines!

Nestle, holding company of Nespresso tried to sue for a rather large total of R800 000 (but a drop in the oecan for a corporate giant such as themselves), but were thrown out of court.

They can't be too upset though, because any publicity is good publicity as they say and this has certainly made it on to all of the interwebs. We like to think that George can appreciate a joke when he sees one ;)
What else George? Israeli Coffee Club lookalike and coffee capsules, that's what else?

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