#CappucciMOSA: The moustache everybody loves

Friday, 6 November, 2015
It's Movember and what better way to partake but with mates, great coffee and good intentions!  So let the fun and games begin.

5 Steps to #winning with @thecoffeemag and #cappucciMoSA.

Step 1: Round up some mates.

Step 2: Take them to a great coffee shop or roastery like #FirebirdCoffeeWorks

Step 3: Order a round extra Foamy cappuccino's each

Step 4: Close your eyes and partake deeply in the sacred ritual.

Step 5: Post #cappucciMoSA to your Social Media pages and tag @thecoffeemag to win!

R10 from every submission will be donated to the Official Movember movement by us, so your effort are certainly going to a good cause. Entries close on 1 December and we'll announce the winner in our first newsletter of the month in December.

Winners will receive: Have fun!

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