Results from World of Coffee

Thursday, 18 June, 2015
We were so sad to miss the Nordic World of Coffee that hosted the World Coffee Events this past week. There were 5 World Championships underway, the World Cup Tasters, World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Brewers Cup and World Roaster's Competition. It was non-stop for the 3 days!

Below are the results:

Everyone knew the East would dominate the Latte Art competition and Caleb Cha made it so and made it 2 World Championships for Australia! And then he proposed to his girlfriend on stage, so it was a good day all round for him :)

The Coffee in Good Spirits was Championed by Greek George Koustoumpardis, of The Underdog. He came up with a delightful 'Coffee Beer' and his Irish Coffee came out tops.

Odd-steinar made me a pour over when I visited Oslo last year and I am so pleased he has come out as the Champion in 2015. My experience at Supreme Roastworks was fantastic and remains one of my favourite overall coffee experiences. Congratulations to him!

You can read the full stories (and some cool recipes!!) on Sprudge.

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