Under a super microscope!

Wednesday, 24 September, 2014
So interesting! Go check out the Nestle tumblr site for more interesting up close coffee shots!

What looks like a cave network is really the interior of a green coffee bean.
Changes that occur to a coffee bean’s internal structure during roasting can have an impact on its overall quality.

It could be a piece of coral. In fact it’s the cell structure of roast and ground coffee.(Fluorescence microscopy)

Cappuccino ‘foam booster’ granules are particles of carbohydrates and protein loaded with gas bubbles.
When they meet hot water, they release the gas, lifting the creamer to the surface to form an instant, milky foam.

This image of freeze-dried coffee reveals its ‘micro gas’ cells and cavities.
When the cavities come into contact with hot water, they create ‘crema’, a naturally formed foam of coffee and air.


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