James Bond and the Chemex

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014
"It consisted of very strong coffee, from De Bry in New Oxford Street, brewed in an American Chemex, of which he drank two large cups, black and without sugar."

Fancy that, the most suave literary figure in history drinks his coffee from a Chemex. That is one classy gentleman.

"It's a manual coffee brewer that looks like something straight out of Q's laboratory. Picture the sexiest beaker you ever used in Chemistry class. Gourmet Magazine once described the Chemex as "part chemist's funnel, part Erlenmeyer flask, with a blond leather band in the middle corseting its hourglass curves." See what I mean? It even has a bellybutton, so you get why 007 used it."

This video is just a little bit of fun, try a new method and who knows you could have MI5 knocking at your door ;)

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