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Wednesday, 17 September, 2014
If authors read to keep inspired, then cafe owners should drink coffee all over to keep on their toes. James Fouche has done both. He is in the process of opening up a cafe in Knysna. Now I know it's odd to be featuring a cafe before it has even opened it's doors but opening a cafe is no easy task and one that is often taken lightly, it is so important for business owners to be aware of the intricacies involved in the coffee industry.

Zane Mattisson wrote an article for us on how the romance of wanting to open a cafe and the actual amount of work necessary to open a cafe which is often underestimated.

James wrote an article for our Autumn edition while he was visiting cafes and finishing his latest novel. next thing we heard he was starting his own cafe and roastery. The bug has most certainly bitten.

And he has combined his love for writing and his passion for coffee in this blog.

"Any businessman planning to open a coffee shop, MUST know how to make a decent coffee. If you do not understand how to operate an espresso machine, then how would you execute training, maintenance or improvements within your business."
"In Spanish the word means dust or earth. It was an added bonus that the term café en polvo means filter or instant coffee. Coffee in dust form. And it was sheer coincidence that our unique cookie with every cup is called polvorones, a traditional Mexican wedding cookie, referred to as dust cakes."

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Good luck James! We'll be watching :)

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