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Tuesday, 27 August, 2013
By Mel Winter

So, admittedly, I have more than a handful of vices. This one however, is certainly the longest standing (probably because most of the others were only theoretically allowed after a certain age).

Ice Cream. Mmm.

My best ice cream memory was the summer of 2011 in Barcelona when we stayed on the same street as Vioko, the vanilla ice cream that ruined me for all other vanilla ice creams. There was a flavour called Sambayon, that literally tasted like my mom's trifle. No one could explain to me (in English) what was in there, but it was memorable.

When I heard about Ice Cream Community through Legado's new outlet, I was immediately intrigued and a brief Twitter interaction let them know it, but this week I received an email that absolutely blew me away!

The delightful Andrew Boltman of Legado was up here from Stellenbosch for a well deserved break and he brought us Ice Cream Community to try! #winning

Andrew had borrowed his mom's cooler bag, packed that thing full of ice bricks and newspaper in an attempt to keep the ice cream perfectly frozen. I am pleased to say he succeeded.

6 tubs of hand made goodness had landed.

I think at that point Andrew saw my eyes glaze over at any attempts at conversation. Almond butter, Marshmallow, Honeycomb, Salted caramel and Banana and 70% dark chocolate had stolen all my attention.

Jacques Albertyn is the man behind this Community. He is a chef by trade who has a passion for ice cream. I can't wait to pick his brain about his process and his choice to begin Ice Cream Community. And Jacques, I have yet to taste your Vanilla but after the way these flavours danced on my tongue, I have very high hopes of finding my South African answer to Barcelona in summertime.

Another huge thank you to Andrew for couriering this precious package safely to Durban!

Go check Ice Cream Community out. Simply delightful.

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