All New Seasonal Roast from W Cafes

Monday, 8 July, 2013
We asked Ishan Natalie, two time SA National Barista Champion and barista trainer with a focus on the W Cafés, to give us the lowdown on the new blend that is launching this week.

A new generation in specialty coffee, this blend was specifically crafted to bring the latest international trends and flavour into your daily cup. This blend aspires to meet the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee and has been designed to evolve coffee as a craft. Carefully selected coffees from four major coffee producing origins provide clarity, sweetness and complexity. The relationship between their flavours is what defines the cornerstones of our unique blend and Fairtrade ensures that we have full sustainability from seed to cup. Our dedication to coffee at farm level, followed by careful blending and roasting makes this coffee a truly unique experience.

The blend consists of majority Fairtrade Brazil, Fairtrade Tanzania, Fairtrade Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe and Fairtrade Sumatra Mandeling. The beans are roasted to a full city profile (just over medium roast) to allow each of these coffees to shine and giving balance to the coffee.

Cup notes are bold, intense and flavorful. It offers a unique sweetness, a bright and balanced cup, that is rich and smooth. Floral and spicy aromatics with cocoa and caramel flavours that persist well into the finish. We are very excited to add this to our range, only available in our sit down café. So now, customers can have a choice between our Fairtrade Organic Espresso, Fairtrade Seasons Roast and Fairtrade Organic Decaf.

The new Seasons Roast is available in Woolworths Cafés NOW!

We can't wait to taste it and give you our feedback! Has anyone tried it? Let us know what you think!

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