Coffee making alarm clock!!!

Wednesday, 30 July, 2014
This has been blowing up all over social media and obviously piqued our interest. Waking up to the smell of coffee is of course a fantastic idea. In practice however there are a few niggles.

The designer, a Mr Josh Renouf has made a very beautiful contraption working on the theory that one should prepare all the components before one heads to la la land, the ritual promoting better sleeping patterns. So the thing is, you need to place your ground coffee in the Kone pour over filter before you go to sleep. So the coffee snob in me postulates that the coffee won't be at its optimum freshness, and although for me the waking up process is helped by the ritual of actually making the coffee not only the caffeine hit, the Sunday morning lazy stay in bed side of me, is screaming, get me one of those ASAP!!!

What do you think?

The Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee brewer. It eases the user into the day with the subtle movement of stainless steel ballbearings that boil the water through induction heating, accompanied by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax. Living slow even when times are fast.

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