Cafe of the Week: Supreme Roastworks

Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
By Mel Winter

In a city where excellence in speciality coffee is pretty much expected, if you know the places to go you are spoilt for choice in finding a good cup. I tasted some really exceptional cups. So then, if we can say that while not all equal, all of the cafes I ventured into were on the same level of taking their coffee seriously, what makes a space stand out? The great news is, that in Oslo, there is something for everyone. Different elements and vibes will speak to different people and the space that spoke to me the most was Supreme Coffeeworks.

Perhaps it was the fact that they played records like my dad. Perhaps it was the scuffed furniture or the skateboard hanging on the wall. Perhaps it was the huge smiles and the way they teased me about my pronunciation. Perhaps it was the kindness of the No.4 Coffee Brewer in the World offering me a list of all his favourite Oslo places after I introduced myself. Perhaps it was that he described his Ethiopian pour over as “tropical nectar”. Perhaps it is because their logo is of a tiger. Perhaps it was just because everyone looked like they were having so much satans god (translation=damn good) fun.

I liked it. So I went back. And if I stayed in Oslo I think they would’ve found themselves a new regular.

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