Meet the Number 2 Barista in Norway: He's South African!

Wednesday, 30 April, 2014
Well done Rory Rosenberg!!!

His previous experiences in South Africa and the guidance of the legendary roastery Stockfleths in Oslo have seen his performance and handling of the coffee flourish.

For his set he used a fully washed Finca Santa Clara, Honduras Catuai.

He highlighted the fact that as a barista it is his responsibility to both the farmer and the consumer to achieve the highest level of quality in the cups that are served. His theme was balance, but not only that, he went further to say that in fact, contradiction is balance and he used this premise to come with a pretty phenomenal signature drink.

It comprised of three parts and was formatted as a way to prepare the palate for a balanced experience by using the contradicting sensations in your palate.

First a sip of the red infusion (Bitter Cherry) would leave your mouth agitated and a leave a tingling sensation in the back of your mouth.

Then one sip of the white infusion (Creamy sweet, which included oats and green apple!) would leave your mouth coated with a creamy, subtle and fresh comforting palate cleanser.

Then a sip of the espresso based drink...balance of flavours and sensations! Sublime!

Even if he had won, the rules state that he would not have been able to represent Norway at the World Barista Championship, so now all we have to do is convince him to come back to compete for the South African title so he can go all the way next year!!!

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