It's Harvest Time in Burundi!

Thursday, 3 April, 2014
This particular little coffee company nestled in the coffee heart of Burundi will always have very close ties to South Africa. Ben and Kristy Carlson's involvement with the Burundian farmers has enabled the farmers to feel empowered and to reach the right buyers for their beans.

They were part of TheCoffeeMag's journey writing a piece on the importance of grinding in of our very first issue.

Ben taught me how to make espresso, a skill that has opened my world right up.

Lauren Rosenberg, contributor of ours and sister to Rory (an SA barista competing in the Norwegian Nationals soon!), is working on her thesis up there.

This harvest is particularly interesting because our National Barista Champion, Craig Charity, might just use a lot of this coffee to take with him to the World Championships.

Follow their story on their beautiful website, Kristy's photography is phenomenal. And we're holding thumbs for a very successful harvest for the LMCP washing station!

They even have a TV show! Look at them go!

Long Miles Coffee Project from Cooked in Africa on Vimeo.

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