Coffee Club Review: Airabica Costa Rica

Thursday, 20 July, 2023

This is a flippin delicious coffee! Another of the truly incredible coffees that made the top 6 of the best aeropress in SA submissions! Thank you Airabica for this Costa-Rican beauty! 

It's been a wintery week, with several cold fronts slamming into the southern tip of africa and sweeping their frosty fingers over the firing up this Bromelia Fancy in the aeropress has brought warmth to our hearts and bodies! 

One of the best 6 aeropress coffees in the land - perfect for a winter warm up!

Duncan and the team from Airabica had this to say about their favourite aeropress coffee:  "This Bromelia Fancy bean originates from Costa Rica, from the Palmares region in the West Central Valley. Its process is washed and sundried and expertly air-roasted to produce fruity flavours and walnut aromatics. It is creamy and smooth, with complex berry notes, a hint of apple and a lingering dark chocolaty after-taste. Medium malic acidity and excellent body."

We certainly enjoyed brewing it and tasting it and enjoyed many of the flavours described above, even a little more candied apple and dark cacao nibs.

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