New Coffee Club Review: Truth!

Friday, 30 June, 2023

This is one of 6 of the best aeropress coffees in SA right now!

This issue, to celebrate the SA aeropress Challenge, being held at CCW in July, we curated the best 6 coffees for aeropress in the country! A huge thanks to our roasters who submitted their best aeropress profiled coffees for us - they are all sublime! 

Full of flavour and an incredible mouthfeel.

First up - the Granddaddy of fine coffees in SA - Truth!

The Truth Team had this to say about the coffee: "Intending to use this coffee as a blending component, once it hit the cupping table, we knew it had to shine on its own as well. This washed-processed Peruvian coffee, hailing from the city boundaries of San Ignacio, boasts flavors of cherry, chocolate, and lime".

I know, I know...but I couldn't help myself!

I had to try it as an espresso too, and boy, was I glad I did! Those cherry, chocolate and lime flavours, so delicate and glorious through the aeropress were intense and bold in the espresso - with an added brightness and sweetness that was truly insane!

...and I was right, boom! One cup of happiness :)

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