Coffee Club Review (by Baby Yoda) - Gather Coffee's Adventure Blend

Thursday, 8 June, 2023

The Adventure Blend from Gather Coffee - Richards Bay :  This is the way.

If South Africa’s coffee scene were the Star Wars Universe, then Richard's Bay would likely be an obscure and unknown entity in the Outer Rim Territories. But as we know, these seeming backwaters of our known geography often yield some of the most surprising and wonderful things… like Grogu, the baby Yoda and foundling in The Mandalorian.

Robin Seiler is the owner and founder of Gather Coffee in Richards Bay and we got to know him recently when he submitted this delightful coffee to us to taste. He is also one of this years A Shot in the Dark competitors (which is being judged in Joburg next week - Good luck Robin!)  

Robin says: “The Adventure Blend is about bringing adventure to the mundane! This coffee is roasted to highlight and harmonise the uniqueness of the specialty beans sourced from Brazil, Tanzania, and Honduras. In its versatility, Gather's full-city roast is best enjoyed as our signature drink, the Flat White” .

 Tasting notes are Smooth nutty chocolate body with ripe mixed berries.

And who always seems to be in the middle of the Adventure? Grogu - that’s who!

So I got the youngling to help me brew up some of the Adventure blend in my trusty Bialetti Moka Pot  - and when I say “help” … well, you know Grogu, he has a mind of his own. And the Force is strong in him!

The force is strong in this one! 

We chose a medium grind size for the Moka Pot and ground enough coffee to fill the basket and tamped it down very lightly.

The heat setting was 7/10 to allow the water to boil quite quickly.

When the top chamber was half full, we pulled it off the heat and allowed the rest of the water to boil through using the retained heat.

Finally, we added some warm milk to make a delicious milky coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts that was extremely satisfying. This is the way!

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