Brew&Tell: Kalita Wave with Thabo Moerane of Bean There

Friday, 14 April, 2023

Kalita Wave with Thabo Moerane

Words and Images By Ayanda Dlamini

Today’s brewing recipe is brought to you by Thabo Moerane. Thabo is known for his charismatic nature, his well developed knowledge of coffee and the industry, as well as being Bean There Coffee Company’s Head Barista. His 13 years in the industry has shaped him into an individual packed with coffee knowledge and wisdom. I’m pleased to share the brewing recipe of Thabo’s recent favorite way of drinking coffee, the Kalita Wave Pour Over.

“I love the Kalita because it’s consistent and easy to use. It is a brewing method that produces complex and rich flavoured coffee. This is because of its unique design, the dripper is flat at the bottom and it has 3 holes that restricts the water flow. This design makes the coffee brew more consistently. Another thing is, unlike other types of pour-over filter papers. Kalita filter paper doesn’t have to be rinsed with water before using it. If you do, you’ll be damaging the wave design on the filter”.

Equipment used:

  • 1-2 cup Kalita dripper

  • 1-2 cup Filter paper

  • Short Clear Glass (can be your favorite mug/ or Kalita Range server)

  • Scale

  • Silver cup: consists of filter ground coffee


  • 12g coffee ground for filter

  • 200ml under boiled water (91-94 degrees)

  • Brew for3-31⁄2mins

  • Serve and enjoy

  • Process:

Onto your scale you will:

  •  Place your dripper over a glass/range server
  • Place your filter into the dripper
  • Tare your scale, until you see the number 0
  • Begin to scoop 12g of filter ground coffee
  • Once your coffee is weighed. You can tare your scale again back to zero
  • Next, begin your timer as you pour around 20 ml of boiled water from your kettle (recommended 91-94 degrees) onto your ground coffee
  • Let it sit and develop bubbles, allowing the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds
  • Next you’ll slowly pour the remaining 180ml of water
  • Allow coffee to brew for 3 - 3 1⁄2 minutes
  • Indulge in your beautifully made cup of coffee.

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