Brikka vs Moka Induction Bialetti Pots: What's the Difference?

Thursday, 30 March, 2023

Induction cooking has become a huge thing in most modern kitchens because of the massive energy saving compared to conduction hobs and also because of the very quick response time of induction cookers to temperature changes.

Bialetti have been riding this wave for a couple of years now and have created a whole line of Induction Moka pots specifically for these modern stove tops.  

Mel whipped out our trusty Snappy Chef induction cooker and took the Bialetti Induction Brikka and Moka for a spin, to see how they work and why they are different to other traditional moka pots!

Fun Fact: Aluminium doesn't work in an induction set-up, hence the stainless steel induction Bialetti range

Bialetti recommends 170/180ml of water for 4 cups for the Brikka/Moka respectively. So to compare the two in this experiment, we're going with the recommended dosage, then you start to play around! Start with cold water for most accurate experiments.

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