Brew&Tell: AeroPress+Prismo Recipe with Mzukisi Xhati of Quaffee

Friday, 17 March, 2023

Brew & Tell: Fellow Prismo Recipe by Mzukisi Xhati

Just like the coffee he brews, Mzukisi is quite a bright character, and although he is not a man of many words he never shies away from talking about coffee. I had an opportunity to experience that when chatting to him about his career and how it all started. You can’t help but notice how passionate he is about his craft.

About the coffee professional:

Mzukisi is a master roaster at Quaffee. He started out with no experience and was able to work his way through the ranks of Quaffee to becoming a roaster. He had the opportunity to attend a course at Diedrich in America and has over the years been able to cultivate his skills. He placed in the Top 10 of A Shot in the Dark in 2019.

Brewing equipment of choice:

"The AeroPress and Prismo are both my go-to equipment to use. In addition to being travel-friendly, both the AeroPress and Prismo make it simple for you to enjoy delicious coffee no matter where you are."

Mzukisi's Brewing Recipe:

What you will need

Dose and Brewing time

Coffee dose: 20g of ground coffee (I used the Colombian Decaf-La Serrania from Quaffee)

Grinder setting: I set my grinder to 3 which is quite fine but as fine as espresso

Brew water: 80ml of filtered water

Water temperature: 95 degrees Celsius

Brew time: 120 seconds

Steps for this brewing method:

Step 1: Grind your coffee beans and make sure that you have boiled your water to the right temperature

Step 2: Add your coffee to the AeroPress, you will use the Inverted method

 Step 3: You will begin with a straight pour of 80 ml of water

Step 4:  Leave it to bloom and set for the entire brewing time

Step 5: When the timer hits 2 minutes, place the AeroPress with the Prismo attachment on a mug and press until you reach the coffee bed. Enjoy the taste of your coffee.

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