Brew this today: Toro, Southern Blend!

Friday, 11 November, 2022

The team at Toro have made huge strides over the last few years, really bringing a high standard to the coffee scene in Potch. They are spending a lot of time and resources on investing in their coffee education, learning from the best in the business, competing in competitions and attending every coffee event they can - even throwing one themselves earlier in the year! 

So we were incredibly excited to have Toro send us a coffee for our curated Discover Great Coffee Club, spring edition box. 

Grrrrrrrr! The coffeesaurus's want their fix!

This is an easy drinking specialty coffee blend made up of 80% Brazil (Natural) and 20% Colombia El Puente (Honey Process). Perfect for manual brewing methods + espresso (Black or Milk based) drinks.

We love the packaging and the delicious aroma of Toro Southern Blend through the pour over!

We brewed this using a Clever Dripper, a no.4 filter paper and a Timemore  carafe. The water was filtered using a BWT mineralising jug and we used a Bonavita kettle to brew at precisely 87 degrees Celsius. Grind size was medium to medium-course and our coffee to water ratio was 1:16 grams.

A delicious all round blend!

We enjoyed the delicacy of this blend, really subtle flavours of red berries, honey and vanilla. It is a very smooth, clean and focused coffee in the cup and has a crisp, short green apple finish.

Buy your Discover Great Coffee Club Box here - there are only 10 left!

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