Coffee Club Review: Crater Coffees

Friday, 2 September, 2022

This week's coffee review is a blend of Brazil and Guatemala, named "Choc Noir" from Crater Coffees in Parys.  The beans are medium/medium dark roast, though the development is gentle, even and on the lighter side of medium/dark, so don't be afraid, especially as an espresso drinker!

The espresso extraction was bang-on perfect, and filled our espresso cup with a rich, viscous shot and a lovely thick crema on top. We experienced a tart raspberry sweetness, medium body and medium acidity - with hints of dark chocolate.

But where this blend really shines is in its pairing with a luxurious full cream milk, kicking through to give a velvety mouthfeel and a flavour experience of chocolate covered raisins and fresh fruit cake.  Yum!

Delicious looking extraction! 

Lovely crema and tiger striping in this berry-packed espresso.

The milk really brought out some lovely baked-goods properties in this versatile blend.

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Crater Coffee

Choc Noir is a blend of Arabica Brazil and Guatemala beans. Medium/dark roast, it suits a variety of brewing methods: V60 dripper, percolator, French press, bean to cup machine or moka pot. It packs a powerful punch in an espresso and has an exceptionally smooth taste in a cold brew. This blend makes a delicious cappuccino with nutty notes, fruity berry tastes and a lingering chocolaty aftertaste.

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