Brew Basics: 3 simple tips for better milk steaming at home

Friday, 16 September, 2022

Getting silky textured milk for your flat white at home takes a lot of practice and getting to grips with your personal machine. BUT some things are universal. Follow our three beginner tips to get you off to a good start to beautiful milk.

Number One:  If your milk is screaming at you (you know what I'm talking about if you've tried steaming already!) you are heating the milk, but your attempt to create microbubbles is failing! Use your senses! Wiggle your steam wand around at different depths and angles immediately until you hear the purr of tearing paper. Quiet and satisfying. No matter what pressure your home machine has, you can find this sweet spot, we promise!

Number Two: Angle your steam wand so that it is not pointing directly down at the bottom of the milk jug. You are trying to create a whirlpool motion inside your jug and this angle just assists with achieving that. If you've got a whirlpool and you're tearing paper, you well on your way!

Number Three: Remember what we said about using your senses. Use your hand as a thermometer! If the jug starts to burn your hand, that's a pretty good sign that the milk will burn your tongue! Temperature is obviously a preference thing, but once the milk goes over a certain temperature it burns and loses its sweetness and it starts to separate meaning you get foam + liquid instead of microtextured pouring consistency that looks like wet paint.

BONUS TIP: Purge and wipe your steam wand after every use. Future-you will be grateful. Clogged steam nozzles lead to uneven flow and lack of pressure, ain't nobody got time for that!

Happy milk steaming coffee lovers!

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