A new immersion brewer from local Ceramist: Koffie Seriously

Friday, 19 November, 2021

We love hearing about new coffee brewers and Gareth Newton from Koffie Seriously got in touch recently with a new take on an old style of brewing.

It is based on the cupping principle, there is no filter. We watched James Hoffman's video on the ultimate french press method and it got me thinking about immersion brewing. 

I also had an awesome cupping experience and these two important lessons in coffee inspired us. Why aren't we drinking coffee the way we taste test it? I had experimented with Jezve coffee and appreciated more age old forms of coffee brewing. But we wanted an easy way to brew that meant you could put your ground coffee and water into a singular vessel, allow it to brew, and then pour a clear and flavorful cup of coffee. And so the drawing and prototyping began. And after much trial and error we came up with this design. While it is simple, it works!

The concept is that after you break the crust the brew naturally settles and after 4 minutes (the entire brew time is 6 to 8 minutes depending on recipe) the brew has reached sufficient clarity to pour. With the "James Hoffmans french press method" the French press sieve serves to remove any sediment near the end of the pour. The shape of our brewer has been refined so that there is a weir effect. It is slow coffee, and it is easy and forgiving when it comes to grind size but still lots of fun to experiment with. We prefer a 1:13 ratio but a 1:17 may be preferred by those who want a cup with more flavour clarity over strength.

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