Raise a Cup to HOSTEX 2024: Coffee is big business!

Friday, 8 March, 2024

The coffee industry was front and centre at Africa’s biggest food and hospitality expo, Hostex, this week proving that coffee is well and truly at the centre of any hospitality offering and therefore big business!

Besides the SA National barista competitions, which included crowing a new Barista, Latte Art and Cup tasters Champions, the coffee stands at Hostex were without doubt the most popular attractions, with a whole lot of new coffee technology, delicious brews and high level coffee solutions on offer for the visitors.

Some of the highlights  -

The launch of the brand new La Cimbali touch screen super-automatic series. In line with the global launch, this range is extremely user friendly with a full colour touch-screen menu and a brilliantly designed brew unit and milk frothing system that can turn out cafe quality beverages at the touch of a button - and tastes as good as a barista made coffee.

One of the new La Cimbali touch screen coffee machines with a digital payment gateway attached - fully automated payment and coffee for every office or retail environment!

Victoria Arduino Maverick inspired by a limited edition Rolex! With an incredible backstory, this was a showstopper of a stand. Not only was the grinder, espresso machine and automatic milk frother custom painted to replicate the very famous Rolex Oyster Perpertual,  but this pure brew system of the Black Eagle Maverick machine, allowed mixologist, Bruno to serve up some incredibly delicious coffee and tea cocktails from it!

The Pure-Brew technology from the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick was a huge hit with baristas and the public.

Electrical Industries had one of the best build-outs at the show and showcased everything from Manual Espresso Machines, to grinders and more…Having invested heavily in the Latte Art scene for the past two years, in line with San Remo’s global strategy, it was great to see two ex-National latte art champions displaying their skills for the media and VIP’s at the show, and elevating the status of coffee to a broad audience.

Speaking of mass media interest in coffee… it was fantastic to see so many mass media outlets, especially from radio and tv, interviewing so many coffee professionals. This was a significant factor in getting coffee out to a large viewing audience and showcasing the talent we have on offer in our country!

Head Judge of the Latte Art Nationals, Tim Krynauw, speaks to SABC TV about the skills on offer at the coffee competitions.

All in all, it is safe to say the coffee stole the show! Well done to everyone who got stuck in at Hostex 2024 - certainly making it one to remember.

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