Barista Throwdown at Vintage Coffee!

Wednesday, 9 March, 2016
Kudos to the team at Vintage Coffee in Centurion for organising this event, if you're in Gauteng and you love coffee, go check it out! And if you know a possible competitor, spread the word!

Vintage is hosting a non official Barista Competition with Local Baristas around Gauteng and we would love you too join us, support your favorite barista and have blast.

12 Baristas from different coffee spots competing with their own beans making 4 espressos + 4 cappuccinos within 8 min.

Our judges are:

- Matt Carter - TriBeca
- Dave Walstra - The Roastery
- Waseem Jadwat - EB Café

You really don't want to miss out this event!!!!

#BaristaThrowdown2016 #CoffeeWithaCause #GoodPeopleareVintage

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