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Tuesday, 16 February, 2016

Gauteng Regional Coffee Competitions come to Food & Hospitality Africa 3-5 May 2016.

Johannesburg is certainly the place to be when it comes to holding great events. Coffee lovers can rejoice too, as this May The City of Gold plays host to the SCASA Gauteng Coffee Competitions. This includes the Barista Championships, Cup Tasters Championships and Latte Art Championships – all of which will ultimately culminate in Regional Finalists being chosen to compete at the Nationals for the opportunity to represent SA at the World Competitions. The action promises to get pulses racing and not just because of the high caffeine content!

The World Barista Championship is the world’s most prestigious barista competition, welcoming participants from over 50 countries who have won their regional and national-level competitions to represent their domestic coffee talent on the world stage.

This competition is all about performance, skill and passion for coffee, as well as being able to pour delicious coffee under pressure, with a total of seven highly skilled judges watching the barista’s every move as they produce 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 signature drinks, all in under 15 minutes!
There are only 24 spots for baristas in the National Finals, 6 from each of the 4 competitive Regions and with so much on the line, the competition will be fierce!

The Barista Competition is not the only coffee event that will be taking place. People will be able to witness the Cup Tasters Event, which is a test of the senses. There is also the popular Latte Art Championships, where the baristas impress judges with their milk pouring skills, producing flawless tulips, rosettas and hearts to name but a few delightful patterns.

The public will have the opportunity to meet some of the Country’s best coffee talent. If you’ve ever wondered about the world of Speciality Coffee, this is your chance to pick the brains of some of the best in the business from 3-5 May at Gallagher Estate.

Ishan Natalie lifts the hand of Wayne Oberholzer (Portland Project, WC) as he is crowned 2015 National Barista Champion. Photo credit: The Coffee Magazine/Winter.

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The inaugural Food & Hospitality Africa Show 2016 is the only food, drink and hospitality trade expo for Pan-Africa. It is the ultimate melting pot for the foodservice, hospitality, catering, retail and wholesale industry and leverages the synergies, size and scale of two industry heavyweights, namely the 30-year-old Hostex and innovative IFEA expos.

Now taking place at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg, Food & Hospitality Africa presents the two co-located shows on one level over three days in a seamless exhibition that brings together over 10 000 visitors and 180 exhibitors from the industries it serves. Take a look at last year's Hostex Expo and imagine just how much bigger it will be in its new format! If you are about to enter the coffee industry, this is the Show for you!!!

Hostex 2015 Video 2 from Orange Orbit Productions on Vimeo.

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