Issue 47: This is not a chocolate brownie.

Friday, 19 April, 2024

This is not a chocolate brownie!

On our cover this edition is one of the end results of the long value chain of coffee: an espresso puck. Each one is more valuable than you realise. Find out why in this edition of The Coffee Magazine.

The first edition of the year is always the most difficult to get over the line, but also rewarding.  Just like getting coffee to your cup, it's not an easy feat to get a magazine into print.

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What can you look forward to in Issue 47?

Discover: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

We often ask the question, what’s the big deal about coffee competitions? And why do coffee professionals get sucked so deep into this vortex? We asked a non-coffee professional who has found herself thrust (voluntarily) into this top echelon of the coffee world, to try make sense of it all for coffee lovers. Nicole Siegenthaler has an 

Human Interest: The Best of the Best

The city of Melbourne is known as a coffee and foodie capital of the World. It’s also home to Axil Coffee Roasters. They have held the Australian Barista Championship title for three years running. Jack Simpson has won two of those titles and is heading to represent Australia in Busan, South Korea in May 2024. But what drives this dedication to be the best?

Brew: Home Espress-OH! On a Budget

Great espresso at home doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to make, we promise! What is it about espresso that is so elusive?  It is the basis of almost every coffee beverage and yet it is supremely difficult to master even for seasoned coffee professionals, with all of the best equipment and modern innovations in their cafes. Here are 5 sure-fire pieces of equipment to brew excellent espresso in your home on a budget. Espress-Oh-Yeah! 

Culture: For What it’s Worth - (Re)Imagining Human Value in Coffee

When you were drinking your coffee this morning, you were probably doing something else that required your attention. You didn’t think much about why you bought this coffee, beyond the very satisfying caffeine injection to kickstart your day. And the act of drinking coffee adds huge value to the quality of your day. Erika Koss, well respected coffee academic, writer and educator, unpacks the human labour that goes into the production of coffee and how we value it.

Origin: Yemen - A Proud Legacy 

I think it is safe to safe that even if your knowledge of coffee is minimal, you will have heard of the Mokha (or Mocha) Java Blend. It is perhaps the oldest coffee blend in the world. It became a brand. A style of coffee. A flavour profile. Having little or rather, nothing to do with its origin story, which took place over 500 years ago. We talk to coffee professionals Andrew Nicolson of Windrose Coffee and Faris Sheibani of Qima Coffee who have been building a new reputation and an exciting future for the historic coffee growing region of Yemen.

Travel: A Tale of Ice and Coffee

A destination wedding played backdrop to a once in a lifetime adventure on the ice sheets of Antarctica. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without coffee. Richard Lyster, a long time Coffee Magazine reader and Leigh Bellingan, who works with one of the companies that make these adventures come true, give us some insight into this magical place.

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