Cafe Focus: Keeping it simple with Craft Coffee

Friday, 26 April, 2024

Words and images by Ayanda Dlamini 

Craft Coffee: 15 on 7th, Parktown North, Randburg, 2193

Craft Coffee is timeless and a classic. They now feel like a senior in the grab and go realm, since 2015 they have accumulated great insight into the coffee world, from roasting to barista courses, the art and science behind crafting the perfect cup is well understood at Craft Coffee. It’s a space that promises more than a caffeine fix, it will always ensure an experience filled with good people, good coffee, and a good atmosphere.

As you step inside Craft Coffee, you’re welcomed with warmth and charisma. In a world where interactions can often feel rushed and impersonal, witnessing each personal connection the Craft Coffee team had during their morning rush, was a refreshing reminder of the power of genuine human connection.

A signature aesthetic at Craft coffee - the chalk drawings that embellish the walls, transported me to a simpler time - “when last did I see chalk drawings” was my immediate thought. It created a sense of nostalgia, creativity, and the urge to ask if I could write my name on the wall. 

Its compact size is one of my favourite things about the space, every corner has a sense of coziness and comfort. There’s really something special about small coffee shops, the intimate atmosphere and personalised service is unmatched. 

When ordering my black Americano, I was served a San Juan del Rio Coco Organic coffee, roasted by Craft Coffee themselves. This coffee is an organic, washed process coffee and was clean and very tasty. It’s well suited for winter mornings, where it’s a little harder to wake up, rich, aromatic, full bodied and fruity. 

The expertly brewed coffee and charming ambiance is a simple combo that’ll have me coming back. I'm always drawn in, not just by the exceptional coffee, but by the genuine sense of joy and connection that I experience each time.

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