Cafecore: One of 2024's Trendiest Trends

Tuesday, 16 January, 2024

By Ayanda Dlamini

One of my favourite things about the start of the year, are the different niches of 2024 predictions. Be it fashion predictions, horoscope predictions, global predictions, whatever it is, sign me up! Interestingly, in this year's Pinterest trend predictions, our favourite niche - coffee made the list !

According to Pinterest Predictions, 2024 marks the emergence of Cafecore. Cafecore is a term used in reference to coffee shop enthusiasts turning their homes into personalized coffee havens, investing in at-home coffee equipment to build beautiful at-home brewing stations.

Cafecore embodies the perfect alliance of functionality and aesthetics, where the art of brewing meets the enticement of design. It’s not just about creating a coffee station; it’s about crafting a quality coffee experience in the comfort of your home.

So, for those thinking of embarking on your Cafecore journey, use this as your guide to ensure you’re curating a cozy corner dedicated to the art of brewing.

Invest in Quality Coffee Beans

A fundamental process in this journey is having quality coffee beans. The core reason that a lot of us go to cafes in the first place is for the standard and quality of coffee. This is your chance to do a deep dive into what flavours work for you and to start reading the fine print on the bags of coffee that we buy. Buy your coffee with intention and become knowledgeable in which ones align with you and which ones feel special and unique to your coffee space.

Essential Brewing Equipment

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

This brings us to the importance of equipment. It’s important to invest in a reliable coffee maker or espresso machine that suits your preferences. In light of a more hands-on experience and embracing the craftsmanship that defines cafecore. You can explore options like pour-over sets, french presses, cold brew sets and even a traditional stovetop espresso maker. Often forgotten, a key element of a successful equipment set up is a scale. This will solidify your starter pack to coffee sophistication and will provide you lots of room to play around with different methods and be able to replicate good results.

This goes hand in hand with investing in a reliable grinder. A grinder with a range of settings for different brewing methods, that’ll be compatible with the equipment you have in your little set up. This will allow you to grind your beans fresh whenever you require.

Taking it a step further, in creating the ultimate cafecore experience. Your space can expand as far as having flavoured syrups and alternative milk options, maybe even some decaf options for the afternoon and evening. Allowing room for creativity and self-expression by exploring recipes and brewing methods you might have only experienced in a cafe.

Decor & Artistic Coffee Accessories

Now with all the basics in mind, remember the whole idea of Cafecore is to craft a space that easily encourages conversations and connections. This also then requires thoughtful designs, ambient lighting, and cozy seating.

I like to think of this part of Cafecore as the personality of the space. This is really your chance to manifest and bring to life, your own personal version of a cafe. Hone in on the visual appeal with items such as coffee table books, personalised mugs or even unique glassware that complements your overall Cafecore aesthetic.

Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

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