Abstract Coffee Club: coffee, community and youthful innovation

Friday, 12 January, 2024

By Ayanda Dlamini 

In light of the new year, we present a new(ish) coffee spot for us coffee connoisseurs. Abstract Coffee Club, a place that isn’t just about serving delicious coffee but is also a catalyst for building connections among locals. Located within the walls of 99 Juta Street, this cafe has an undeniable sense of history, creating an ambience of familiarity and creativity. The building upholds an architectural charm and sense of charisma that matches the energy of the people in it. 

This space also houses incredible local clothing brands. As you sip your coffee, you’re surrounded by the echoes of Johannesburg's creative history, offering customers not only just a cup of coffee, but an immersive experience that blends the contemporary with the timeless.

In the very essence of its name - a coffee “club”, really is symbolic to their commitment to fostering a sense of community. Abstract Coffee Club is refreshing in their ability to extend beyond the traditional boundaries of a cafe. Uniquely, Abstract Coffee Club stands out for their events, like NYE gatherings, offering a distinct and communal experience for locals. Most importantly, they serve great coffee. I enjoyed an iced latte made with coffee from Home of The Bean, a delicious single origin from Nicaragua.

You’ll find that you’ll leave this space having more than one favourite thing about it; from its good coffee, beautiful people, to its interior design. However, my ultimate favorite thing about Abstract Coffee Club, is that their business serves as a testament to the power of youth driven businesses. 

There's an energetic spirit of young entrepreneurs that is so distinct and is so instrumental in nurturing the thriving coffee culture in Johannesburg. Spaces like these exude innovative approaches and fresh perspectives that the youth bring to the table, making Abstract Coffee Club a dynamic force shaping the local coffee scene. This is only just the beginning for Abstract Coffee Club, I look forward to seeing their growth, learning more of their progression and their story. 

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