Win with the Launch of Red Espresso's Home Compostable BiobasedCapsule range

Friday, 28 October, 2022

What we love about events like Creative Coffee Week, is that we always learn something new! This past year we had a whole focus on capsules. The convenience of this method is just too great for the specialty drink market to ignore and dedicated people in the industry have been working to make this more sustainable and eco-friendly and thankfully these options are now available in South Africa!

Red Espresso have launched their Home Compostable Biobased capsules, bringing incredible quality rooibos espresso to homes everywhere, at no extra cost to the consumer!

Ok now there are some important distinctions to be made in that statement.

Home Compostable: Up until these capsules, all capsules that were compostable, needed Industrial Composting facilities to actually get them to a state suitable for composting. But with these Red Espresso capsules, there is ZERO barrier to entry, put them in your Home Compost bin and in around 26 weeks, you are good to go!

Biobased: 100% Biobased. The home compostable capsules are made of a natural material derived from 100% biobased cellulose and vegetable oils. Biobased refers to the feedstock, the beginning of the life cycle. The biobased polymers are made from biomass which refers to renewable resources such as trees, plants, crops and grasses as opposed to fossil resources which are limited resources.

No. Extra. Cost: This mission is so important to the team at Red Espresso, that they've replaced this entire line with these state of the art materials and not increased the price to the consumer. Now 'greenwashing' has become a real problem in the marketing world, with corporations using trending words to increase prices and play on your ethical choices to bag them a sale. There's no tricks at play here. Just making Red Espresso more sustainable and more accessible. Simple.

To say that this decision has been thoroughly researched would be a grave understatement. For all the questions you could possibly have they have outlined all the incredible benefits here. 

On top of all that they had to make absolutely sure that no flavour quality was lost during this process and we tested them and we can safely say that no flavours were harmed in the making of these amazing capsules available in Original Rooibos Espresso, Rooibos Intenso and Vanilla Rooibos 

We went for the Intenso on the Tea setting on the Morning Machine and wow, that smell! It felt like we back at the tea courts in the Cederberg with fresh rooibos fermenting. AMA-zing!!

We are celebrating this incredible Launch by giving away R1500 worth of these delicious capsules to one lucky winner!!! That's 2 x cases of Biobased Capsule goodness, yum!!!

Win with Red Espresso Home Compostable Biobased Capsules

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