Win one of three start up Home Cafe kits

Friday, 9 September, 2022

In the spirit of spring time and trying new things, we're giving away 3 kits to inspire you to make better coffee at home.

The kit includes, 6 x 250g coffee beans, a latte art tool, a BWT Mineralising Water Filtration Jug, 4 print editions of The Coffee Magazine.

Fill in the entry form below and you stand a chance to win! 

Winners will be announced in 2 weeks time!

Spring time Giveaway! Survey Form

Brewing Recipes
Cafe Reviews
Equipment Reviews
New Cafes or Roasteries
Interviews with coffee people
Tips and Tricks
Filter Pot Brewer
Pour over (V60, Clever, Chemex etc)
Capsule machine
Plunger/French Press
Stove top moka pot
Espresso machine
Local Roastery
Online Store
Subscription Service

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