Coastal Coffee: Authentic Durban style

Monday, 24 May, 2021

Coastal Coffee Roasters

Unit 11, 123 Old North Coast Rd, Glen Anil, Durban, 4051

We've been meaning to get around to visit this crew for AGES and this week we made a promise (between a Chelsea fan and a Man City fan!!!), so it had to be honoured.

What an absolute delight.

Just look at this team...

From left to right: Leon, Jeff, Cherval and head honcho, Craig

A proudly Durban team, they do things with such a great sense of humour, you can't help but leave this roastery with a huge smile on your face. Since we met Craig Sampson on the SCASA competition circuit way back when, he has always had big dreams and we're so proud to see how far he has come.

He was in coffee for 10 years before he started his own business., learning from some of the best so when he launched Coastal Coffee Roasters he was off to a flying start.

"We pride ourselves on giving every person who walks through our doors, the best possible customer service," says Craig. "We have built our business on relationships."

After beginning with roasting partners, they acquired a fluid bed roaster and now Leon makes sure every roast is consistently excellent. When asked why he chose a fluid bed roaster compared to a drum roaster, popular with majority of roasters, that's what Craig says it comes down to.

"Consistency is key for us and we felt we could achieve that better on a fluid bed roaster."

There are less fluctuations in all the variables to consider when you're roasting. Well, it certainly keeps the production line moving! The team are moving volume and they encourage people to walk in for a tour and to take some yummy coffee home with them. We tried the coffee on bar, which is a new blend, and it was delicious!

Mural by That Damn Vandal. An homage to Durbs by the sea.

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