Bialetti for Oceana #wakeupfortheocean

Thursday, 15 October, 2020

We love the original moka pot, Bialetti. It is still a frequently used brewing method and gives us some of our most satisfying cups.

And we love the ocean. In Durban, we are so lucky to have access to a warm ocean every single day and we try to make the most of that.

So we were thrilled to see a partnership between Bialetti and Oceana to promote environmentally sustainable coffee making.

We know that waste around coffee is exorbitant, with coffee cups and capsules and packaging all contributing to the flood of plastic that ends up in the ocean. But we can help but making different choices in our brewing and drinking practices. As futile as it might feel, every bit counts!

There are some great local programs that you can support to help our oceans like The Litterboom Project and The Jbay Recycling Project that are doing such great work with litter that has already found its way into the system. Bialetti is aiming to encourage different choices in coffee making so that that waste is not created in the first place. It will be interesting to see if this campaign can have an effect.

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