Meet Sanele. Incredible story from Mr Price on an amazing coffee professional

Thursday, 2 July, 2020

Beautiful video from the team at Mr Price. We were thrilled to hear how featuring in The Coffee Magazine impacted on the wonderful Sanele Gasa. You can read the original short interview that appeared in our print edition below. What an awesome human.

Interview for The Coffee Magazine by Meegan Rourke-McGill

Sans On The Go Café

Hey Durban, if you’re in need of an on-the-move coffee provider, look no further than Sans On The Go, aka Sanele Gasa, the founder of this mobile coffee service that brings caffeinated goodness to weddings, markets, concerts, events and corporate functions all over Durbs. Sanele trained as a Barista at Columbo Coffee and believes a good cup of coffee can set anyone up for a great work day. I can personally vouch for this, having gone back for three cappuccinos within the space of an hour… Sanele took his love of coffee and passion for small business, and formed Sans On The Go Café in 2016. We chatted to Sanele to find out more about his coffee journey…

What inspired you to get started in the coffee industry?

“I never thought that I would love coffee as I do now. I saw that there is a huge percentage of unemployment in our country and I better use my gift to create job opportunities for the youth and to earn a living too.”

What’s been the highlight of your business journey?

“I have so many highlights, the biggest one is that the young man who is working for me, who matriculated in 2018. He once said to me, ‘Thank you so much for employing me because the money that I will earn monthly I want to save it just to be able to further my studies and get a driving licence’.”

What’s the most popular drink on your menu?

“Cappuccino. I can say we live in a society where people struggle to live without coffee!”

Where can people find you?

“If you have an event please feel free to contact me on, or visit the website at

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