New Kid on the Block: Holiday Coffee

Tuesday, 8 January, 2019

Port Elizabeth has a brand spanking new coffee company and they are looking fresh. Welcome to the world Holiday Coffee Company, we are loving your vibe!

All pics from the delightful Holiday Coffee Company instagram, give them a follow!

Who are the people behind Holiday Coffee Company?

Husband and wife team. We (Chris and Carmen Faragher) have just started this epic journey and dream of a Local Cafe and Coffee Brand within in the Eastern Cape. 

Married for 8 years and have our two Children Charis and Levi. 

Chris had been working for the past 7 years on the corporate side within the coffee industry as an SCA trainer and coffee educator, always with a deep desire to start his own Coffee Company and lifestyle Brand. 

We have a team of top notch baristas working alongside us in the bar every day. These guys are amazing! 

How did you decide on the name and look and feel?

Look and Feel? Fresh!, open and clean with a natural feel. We want to evoke adventure and energy through a lifestyle coffee brand. Encouraging good coffee drinking rituals that an individual or group of people can enjoy together with us. We wanted each person interacting with us to feel the joy of a holiday, daily! We wanted to create a coffee environment and look that was unique and that we hadn't seen before. Good vibes all round! Carmen, my wife, was the brains behind the look and decor. We think she nailed it.  

The name Holiday? We had been tossing around some ideas for some time and we as a young family came to quite a high pressure season with the demands of work and two small children. We wanted to create a change in our lifestyle and a holiday was much needed! The  name Holiday then lent itself exactly to the look and feel we wanted to create. We then worked closely alongside a designer to create this brand we love. 

What are your goals for Year One?

We absolutely have long term dreams to grow our business in so many ways. But we are so passionate about creating something excellent so we have devoted this first year to honing down our systems, service delivery and relationship with our customers face to face. All while serving them premium coffee brewed to great quality standards with our team. 

What is the unique experience you feel you can give potential customers?

We really want to push and demonstrate a high level of beverage preparation while educating our customers along the way. That being said, at our core, aside from the Coffee, we want each customer to feel that they receive ultimate value and that each moment they share with us is an absolute treat. 

Tell us one funny/frustrating/inspiring story from the build up to opening or from your first month of trading?

You don't know what you don't know. To take a concept that you've been developing for years, then launching it in four weeks is a hard task. Everything opened up for us quickly, and we mean quickly!, so we rolled with the punches and here we are. Happy as ever and fully stoked! 

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

If you have the opportunity, do what you love. The hard work and drive while you don't do those things will motivate and grow you Incredibly! When it's all pulled off, take in the moment, have gratitude in your heart, and enjoy the ride!  Our roaster and good friend Ben (BROTHERS Coffee)  has often told me, "don't let me hear you complaining about having to work hard!" And so I'll never take that for granted. You won't hear any complaints for us! We are so thankful! 

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