Filter Stories with James Harper

Thursday, 6 September, 2018

I met James Harper in Seoul in 2017, where he was ably managing the backstage area at the World Barista Champs while at the same time recording snippets of the action on his dictaphone. That was the beginning of his journey towards creating Filter Stories. This is the first in his series on the darker side of coffee.

Meet Sarah.

She has just landed her dream job working as a barista for the best cafe in North Carolina. Her cafe will soon be featured in the New York Times and grab international attention. 

But it has nothing to do with the coffee. 

Rather, her bosses will hurt many women in her community. 

This is the real story about misogyny damaging the life of a young woman, her struggle to regain control and bring her community back together.

This is the first ever episode of Filter Stories, the untold stories hidden in your cup of coffee. 

“The property manager says ‘I just want you to know that we have to have a professional business in here. We can’t have “Go Women Power!” signs on the windows’. Me and Lindsay looked at each other with pure shock.”

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