Krispy Kreme Durban launch!

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017
There are few things that will make you a bigger hit in the office than arriving with a box of decadent and delicious doughnuts. And Krispy Kreme knows that there are few better ways to woo VIP's and media than letting them loose at the doughnut counter and sending them on their way with 2 trays of doughnuts each! Talk about a sugar high!

Of course, as our focus is coffee, I had to order a cappuccino with my mountains of doughy goodness. Percy was my barista and he gets to work on the amazing Carimali Kicco! The beans are a full city roast, this however did not mean that my cup was bitter, it was well extracted and the steamed milk was microtextured to a perfect temperature and I thoroughly enjoyed the complimentary richness to the light sweetness of the doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme South Africa is among a slew of popular American brands that have found homes and excited consumers in South Africa, judging by the reception that this doughnut giant has received so far, it's unlikely that this will slow down any time soon! 

We know you don't need much convincing to go try them out, just look at all the doughnuts!!!

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