Cafe of the Week: The CoffeeSmiths

Friday, 13 May, 2016
The CoffeeSmiths
Shop 8, Meander Square, Nottingham Road, KZN

Tucked away in the magical KZN Midlands is a a husband and wife team passionate about two things: coffee and aviation. The combination works wonderfully well at The CoffeeSmiths

Mike Sadowski is starting up a small craft flight route between the midlands and Johannesburg so the theme for their tiny cafe is Forging Ahead and they have a beautiful antique propeller adorning their wall and a retro record player and are all about the tangible indulgences in life crafting each cup with care.

Rose is an avid barista, striving for perfection with every single shot. They are extremely proud of the various coffees that they stock roasted locally by Josh at Blueberry Hill Coffee Roasters. They have already built up a loyal base of customers

They will soon be up and running with their brand new coffee tuk tuk! Good news for all residents and visitors and sporting events in the area!

We'll definitely be back to visit again soon.

Great espresso and fantastic taste in music. What a wonderful world!


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