Cafe of the Week: Wonderland Coffee

Wednesday, 3 February, 2016
Wonderland Coffee
LINC Campus, Foxhill Lane, Salt Rock

"I'm sure it's down this road."

"OK, wow I never even knew this road existed."

As you come off the KZN North Coast Highway and turn towards the ocean there is a sneaky little road that holds a surprising amount of coffee goodness. There's a coffee roastery at the Litchi Orchard and further down the winding and fever tree lined road there is a hidden gem. Wonderland Coffee is on the LINC Church Campus and the crew here have certainly pulled out all the stops and are quite obviously very serious about their coffee.

Bobby is running the show with his head barista Njabulo and they are a fantastic duo that are sure to bring a smile to your face and keep your coffee craving satisfied with a superb cup of Doubleshot coffee. Bobby's enthusiasm is infectious and we left feeling energised not only by the caffeine but also with all round good vibes. They're having fun experimenting with bottled cold brew and they've recently started stocking some beans to take home, delicious Malawian freshly roasted beans, amazing. On a Sunday when there is a morning church service, Bobby reckons they easily make between 700-900 cups of coffee!!! This requires a whole team that are like a well-oiled coffee making machine.

If you're a parent, they have an epic play area for the kids that Iain had to hold me back from trying out myself (twirly whirly slides for the win!) and there are skate ramps and a pretty awesome view of the sugar cane fields.

Do yourself a favour and go visit these guys when next you venture North of the Durban.


Ori (of Doubleshot), Bobby says this cheesy grin is for you :) The Joburg based team are providing a great service for the Wonderland team.

So much fun! Great play area for the kidlets.

Hello Njabulo! A perfectionist barista with an awesome attitude is definitely a win and Njabulo tops it off with an award winning smile!

Soon bottled Wonderland cold brew will be available, yum! They have two beautiful Yama Cold drips.

Did you like the Malawian coffee? You can take a bag with you!

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