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Thursday, 14 January, 2016
We caught up with Ernest and Nicette of Swart Coffee in the heat of the SA summer to get the lowdown on this up and coming CT based coffee brand.

All photos Nikki Albertyn. You can follow her at @nikkialbertyn

How was Swart Coffee born? Give us the juicy version :)

Like fine wine tasting, we wanted to introduce a culture of fine coffee bean appreciation, particularly organic fair-trade coffee beans sourced within the African continent. Essentially, we wanted both coffee connoisseurs and lovers alike to experience the true nature and unique flavour varieties our continent has to offer - without the disguise of artificial additives. The best way to do this is through a slow and calculated process of cold extraction. The result - a triple filtered, organic, cold crafted coffee that is incomparable to any other Cold Brew product on the market.

As for the name, Swart is Afrikaans, meaning black. Naturally black resembles our cold crafted coffee - no sugar, no milk, no preservatives, no artificial flavourants or additives - just plain black. While the white logo emphasises the direct contrast to the name, it also challenges conventional ideas and preconceptions of what coffee ‘should’ look and taste like. On a more philosophical level, Swart represent everything our generation is and has the potential to be - unconventional, limitless, ever-changing - and most importantly - always challenging the status quo.

Do you blend coffees for your brew or do you focus on single origin?

Swart is made of organic, fair-trade single origin coffee beans and natural mineral water. No sugar. No preservatives. No additives - pure and simple.

Do you think that the Cold Brew trend is here to stay?

For sure! Cold Brew is massive abroad, and we have no doubt that the broader SA market will soon follow suite. But in order for something so novel to gain traction here in SA, it's important that more and more local Brew Masters and Roasters alike continue to explore and produce their own signature Cold Brews, and take them to market! The more the merrier!

What sets you apart from other cold brews on the market?

In addition to the fact that Swart contains no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavourants or additives, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality ingredients sourced from the African continent - without compromise! We are also the first local cold brew to boast a shelf life longer than 3 months - without having to add preservatives. And recycle 100% of all our by-products. Yeah!

What is your personal favourite way to drink Swart?

We prefer Swart as is. No milk. No sugar. Served chilled, straight from the bottle. But for those with a sweet tooth, our signature Swart & Tonic (S&T) will have you questioning your once dormant taste-buds! Check out the recipe here:

Where can people find your product?

You can find us online at:
- Cape Coffee Bean:
- Feast Food Market:
- Kamers:
- Or contact us directly:

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