The 100 Year Old Cafe: Shanty Cafe

Tuesday, 14 April, 2015
We've all pictured what it would be like to go to a classic American diner. Well imagine what a wonderful occasion it was when my pictures came to life, entirely by accident.

We were strolling down the street, all a little bleary eyed from a wonderful party thrown for the launch of the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric launch.

The Google search had been for the closest place to get a breakfast as we had slept through the designated breakfast hours at the hotel. A few metres down the road and Shanty Cafe came into view. Neon sign, ramshackle exterior. I was excited.

"I'll bet there's a waitress that will come to our table and pour us coffee from a glass pot", I said to Craig as we neared and I was not disappointed!

Our waitress, Ginger (yes, I'm serious), poured us some fairly yummy (maybe under the circumstances) filter coffee from a pot brewed in a Bunn filter machine. The boys ordered chicken fried steak (is it chicken? is it steak? Battered and deep fried chicken breast as it turns out) and I went for the French Toast combo with crispy bacon and warmed maple syrup. Mmm, it hit the spot!

Turns out this little cafe has been in this exact spot for over 100 years! Ginger informed us that they were getting new flooring soon and that was kinda a big deal :)

Thank you Shanty Cafe for an authentic diner experience. fantastic!


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