WBC2015: Catch up with Ishan

Wednesday, 8 April, 2015
If we learnt anything from the Craig Charity Italian Customs debacle of 2014, we learnt that the best laid plans never did run smooth.

Ok so, just imagine it. You have been through a whirlwind of emotion to compete at your National level, you have sourced a phenomenal coffee, you have worked on your set for hours. Then you have to pack it all up and move it across the world. No matter how strong your mind is, your body reacts in inexplicable ways to this type of travel.

Here's an exclusive interview with Ishan Natalie in Seattle on how he's feeling two days before his performance.

Livestream link to watch all the action is here, Ishan perform at 5.55pm on Friday evening South African time.

We are so excited for The Event to begin.

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