Cafe of the Week: Coffee Exchange

Friday, 27 February, 2015
Scott Nightingale and Laurence Beckink own The Coffee Exchange in Kyalami. Tired of the corporate life, with a love for coffee, they looked to start something of their own. Scott is a CA, and Laurence has a Masters in Business management, they initially looked at one of the popular frachises, but soon realised that they prefered to shape their own destiny and have complete control of their own space. This included starting at the source and roasting their own coffee. Hence The Coffee Exchange was born.

A beautiful Genio roaster stands proudly in the corner, amid the many containers of green coffee, and a La Marzocco sits prodly on top of the service bar, where Head Barista Matt serves up a choice of dark roasted or medium dark coffee. They have some unique signature beverages here too, like their Mocha Freezo, which has speciality belgiun chocolate melted down in this bad boy....

This store, the one in Barbeque Downs, Kyalami, only opened 10 months ago, and alredy the guys are opening a second store, on 2nd March in Bryanston, inside a motorcycle store.

"It's an adventure!" says Laurence.

Other highlights include the streaming internet radio, playing some classic rock, punk and alternative tunes. And the craft beer on offer. Sadly, though it was 9 in the morning, so we only drank the coffee. And it was great!

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