Hand Sorting: The excruciating process of getting beautiful coffee to you.

Thursday, 16 October, 2014
Just imagine how long this takes. It takes you 22 seconds to watch one small pile. Wow.

The Land Of Coffee: Hand Sorting from Long Miles Coffee on Vimeo.

"Hand Sorting. Burundi coffee is hand sorted 7 times during the production process, first at the farmer's home and lastly at the dry mill. Dry milling is one of the final steps before export. Coffee is hand sorted, run through the mill to remove the parchment husk, and then bagged in GrainPro before being put on a truck that will take it to a ship, which will take it to coffee drinkers the world over."

It ain't easy getting these beans out the country so that the farmers hard work pays off. Read about the difficulties of the exporting process here.

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