More Flavour!

Wednesday, 10 April, 2013
The series aims to inspire you to try new coffees with a new method presented by a new coffee professional each episode.

Your host is David Coleman, a surfing hippie and coffee fanatic who resides in Kalk Bay.

Your professional is Gerald Charles of Union Hand Roasted Coffees. He has competed in the World Roasting Champs and was one of the Top 6 SA Baristas 2012.

Enjoy the flavour!


Gerald Charles took part in our chocolate adventure in Issue 3 of TheCoffeeMag and David Coleman's cafe, Ours in Kalk Bay, also pops up, to get your personal copy of TheCoffeMag, subscribe here, it's FREE to the first 10000 (you'll just sneak in as one of our privileged subscribers!)

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