Rockin' & Roastin': Guilty Pleasures

Sunday, 3 March, 2013
By Melanie Winter

OK, I, a self-admitted coffee snob, have some confessions to make.

Sometimes I use beans that have been at my house for over 3 weeks.

Sometimes I like a shot of espresso with, wait for it, a shot of condensed milk.

Sometimes I like a smidgen of dark roast in my blend, because I like a little cigar box aftertaste every now and then.

Likewise, I have a few songs that I currently cannot get enough of, no matter how much my better judgement tells me otherwise.

Haim. How do you even pronounce this band name? Three hipster chicks grace the cover of the album. There's a drum machine synth sounding opening. The singer sounds as though she longs for the heyday of Stevie Nicks(love Stevie).
There's enough in here to disapprovingly turn your nose up at for days, but I love it.

Bring it on the 80's throwback, turn it up, let's dance.

'I wear your grandpa's clothes, I look incredible'

It's two white dudes ripping off thrift store hopping hipsters and the luxury brand clothing industry all in one go. It's silly and it reminds me not to take life too seriously. It also really makes me want a Batman onesie.

Rudimental. This song has a really beautiful beginning, smooth vocals and searing trumpets. And then it drops into heavy bass, dance infusion. Doh. Even that couldn't stop this from infiltrating my brainstream and begin my toes tapping. It's like a shot of espresso when you need that boost.

So turn up your favourite guilty pleasure song, crack open a tin of condensed milk and indulge.

What are you listening to that makes you cringe a little on the inside? We really want to know.

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