Rockin' & Roastin': A Day in the Life

Friday, 15 February, 2013

By Richard Gevers

As I consider the pairing of coffee and music, I wonder what percentage of music that is written and produced, created and innovated, owes its worth to this partnership with coffee. I imagine much.

For me, working as an economist in the incomparable village of Glenwood, the two form the metal bar that lowers, clicks into place, and holds me in as my day pulls me up, around and upside down. I have noticed a certain daily pattern in my absorption of bean and beat, a pattern that I humbly share:
Early Morning:
[Method: Stovetop; Music: The Record Company - On The Move]
I do not wake-up well. In order to function I actually put written out schedules, lists of breakfast items and words of encouragement up on my walls because there is no comprehension of any sort behind my eyes. That is, until the water screams through the grind and produces the best coffee I can make. The music offering is modern day blues-rock with an unapologetic beat and simple message. The wailing blues-harp is a modern day rooster call, and The Record Company have enough swagger join with the Moka Pot in this defiance of lethargy. The much needed kick to get you on the move.

Arrive at Work:
[Method: Aeropress; Music: Local Natives - Mt Washington]
Lucky enough to work in an office that buys locally roasted beans, and has a good quality burr-grinder, the Aeropress has become a life-and-death sort of item. The rich, full extraction helps to level and focus, naturally complimented by one of the Local Natives newer offerings off Hummingbird. The new album has certainly gone in a different direction to Gorilla Manor. So far I’m finding an understated beauty in it, like the Aeropress rich and full, and perfect for drowning out the noise as you settle to create your best work.

As an aside, if you haven’t yet had a chance give Colombia a listen (; it is really quite good.
Near Lunch:
[Method: Plunger/Pour-over; Music: Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On]
That longest hour, before lunch, when you realise the immense effort it has taken to get this far has not yet got you half way. The time you need a melody that, through its old world charm and melancholy, will provide the right level of relaxation and distraction to ignore the pressing need to collapse into the foetal position, and let you focus long enough to get through. It’s also the time for that coffee you probably shouldn’t have. A third before half of the day has passed. I think I justify to myself that if I drink a slightly more relaxed brew, I am still allowed one more in the afternoon. If I can get my hands on a pour-over, preferably Guatemalan, I will, but mostly the trusty office French-press has to suffice.

Late Afternoon Hit:
[Method: Cappuccino/Cortado; Music: Frightened Rabbit – Holy]
For the final chapter of the workday, I suggest something espresso-based with a good dose of lowland angst. I prefer the cappuccino or cortado, as it combines the strength of the espresso with the comfort of micro-foam, and the pairing with an upbeat song with driving rhythm is the ideal stimulus. Knock it back and let Frightened Rabbit of Selkirk, (also the place where William Wallace was declared protector of Scotland) carry you to freedom…

(apologies for the video, it’s a bit new for Soundcloud)

Do you have a coffee and music routine? Please share it with us!

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