Warm as a Mother's Love: Let her Discover Great Coffee!

Monday, 5 May, 2014
The moms. They deserve much kudos. Think about yourself as a child who screamed and as teenager who back chatted and now as an adult who doesn't call her often enough, just so that she knows you're alive. That wasn't an easy road. But she did it, and she consumed a lot of coffee along the way to get her through it (and maybe some other beverages). The least you can do is buy her a little box of coffee deliciousness to say, hey I appreciate your obviously unconditional love (which I tested on numerous occasions with my behaviour).

So here's your chance. Six coffees from around the country delivered to your mom's door (on June 10). We're even throwing in some Lindt chocolate and some Wedgewood Nougat to sweeten the deal, all for only R450. Or if you were a really terrible child, get her a whole years subscription to the Discover Great Coffee Club and she'll undoubtedly forgive you everything.

Also if you buy a Discover Great Coffee Box this week (6 May - 13 May), your name goes into a draw to win a coffee box for yourself! Spoiling your mom has never been so rewarding ;)

So do it now, do not delay, because coffee can save lives, just ask your mom...

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